Little Wedding Works
8018 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11209
Phone: (718) 680-6818
Fax: (718) 680-6020

Here are some reasons why you should sell
Little Wedding Works Invitations

  •  You will be offering invitations whose creative and personal designs will help you build a reputation as a business that doesn't sell the same invitations that have been around forever, but designs custom invitations to the client's specifications.  Offer an invitation line that is not being sold through every printer, party store and web site.
  • We don't over saturate an area with dealers. We take the necessary steps to protect you from potential competitors who are near you that want to sell our product to compete with you.
  • Little Wedding Works sells only through our dealers unlike other suppliers that sell direct to customers.
  •  Our invitations are categorized in a broad price range that gives your customer choices in all budget ranges. 
  • All our invitations are crafted with quality, including unique lettering styles and layouts.
  • Outstanding customer service. You will get to know our customer service representatives by name and they will offer you step by step guidance the first time you go through the ordering process.